Academic Goals

  • To establish VIM as a leading academic institution in the sphere of management education.

  • To provide life-long learning opportunities for students intending to pursue a career in management by offering accessible, convenient, affordable, quality management education.

  • To offer broad-based, world-class programmes in Business Management that stimulate students to obtain broad, current and practical knowledge, skills, and values that encourage a culture of scholarship, research, excellence and practical orientation and equips them for sustained professional success and responsible leadership in an evolving global socio-economic environment.

  • To offer a curriculum with an appropriate mix of general education, core, major / specialization / concentration and elective courses.

  • To encourage academic excellence amongst students by providing them opportunities to pursue relevant education beyond the standard curriculum. 

  • To provide learning opportunities for academically under-prepared students by offering remedial / bridge /add-on modules in relevant areas.

  • To establish an integrated review system that ensures quality of academic programs, curriculum, instructions, evaluation systems & approaches, and academic support systems as part of commitment to continuous programme improvement.